I have insight and I accept my diagnosis but I have this unusual belief that there’s nothing wrong with me even though I know there is, anybody else experience this, tips to overcome it


Sometimes I wonder if I can live normally without medication. It is hard to tell because withdrawal symptoms puts me right back on meds.


I dont think its an unusual beleif. Pretty common thought and desire. I hardly have any symptoms of sz while on meds. So i sometimes beleive i might not really have it and that if i just slowly got off meds and stayed healthy i would never go through psychosis again. And that is possible. But even if that happened succesfully for years. I would still have the diagnosis. just having fully recovered. Thats the ideal for a lot of us i beleive.


Continue to accept the diagnosis and follow instructions specialists give you, even if you don’t understand the purpose of those. Gradually, painfully slowly, your clarity shall increase. That’s how it went for me.


It took me a while to accept my diagnosis. It’s all just part of coming to terms with it all.

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I can relate, I feel a lot like this too - that there’s nothing wrong with me, that I faked it and meds aren’t necessary. But when I stop the meds I get into bad state again

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