Anonymity vs. online personas

I am glad I have always been myself, ill or not. Wish I would have been anonymous at times, but always glad I did not pretend to be something or someone i wans’t. I have been getting emails from this guy, wondering who the hell he is, find out today it is by accident from my best friend who calls himself another first and last name totally on a dating site but he accidentally linked it to his gmail. I’m thinking when do you the girl your real name? oh well none of my business. I thought after a bit of it it was a friend of a friend lol silly me.

oh my name is desiree, my mother named me after a frank zappa song good grief, she used to singit, when i"m dancing with desiree, i’m as happy as i can be, all the boys are jealous of me, oh desiree. Rahter at times I was given a christian name but it is what it is.

Glad sz com is a place of anonymity but not a place for pretending. desimb


I have a hard time filtering myself and staying anonymous. I’m not very good at keeping things secret, even when they most likely should be.

But I feel happy to be myself around here. And I really like to truly get to know the other members.

That’s a beautiful name, by the way!




I know I sometimes give too much info. I do ramble on a bit. I do thank everyone for putting up with my long post about my large family.

Sometimes I read what I have written and I do feel like there is a bit of an online persona with me. I don’t talk as well as I write. I can go back and spell check and edit when I write so I can present the persona as a person who is organized and on topic most of the time.

I work very hard at not posting when I’m not lucid. I also try not to post when I’m in a panic attack. So having a good control over this head circus might seem like a persona. I’d like to think I have pretty good control over this mental chaos. But again, I don’t do it alone. I have a huge team of people who get me through my day.

But I just can’t bring myself to sitting down and typing when my wheels are falling completely off. I have posted when I’m a bit wobbly but never when I’ve really lost it.

So I guess I have a bit of persona.


Remember all, there is no such thing as being anonymous on the internet.

That statement makes me paranoid. I expect the NSA or other government agencies to know who I am, but not regular people.

A little bit of paranoia can help you stay alive.
Nothing wrong with not revealing all to everyone.

Actually, it’s the regular people you should worry about. The government wont be interested in you unless your a threat, or doing major wrong.

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i have a space craft just outside the back door just in case i need a quick getaway, you can never be too carefull !
take care

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I agree with Anthony. Desiree is a beautiful name.

Can I delete my account or whatever huge mistake