It would be cool if


It would be cool if my cousine was on this forum as well. But I’m too paranoid to out myself so we could find eachother.


This is a good place to remain anonymous.


I keep hoping the same–that my son would get on this site. That is why I don`t want to put my name out there—just in case!
Sometimes I think if he did, I would recognize him.


Yeah I really hope I am not traceable to this place. I’ve said some crazy ■■■■ on here. And I talked about sex way too much. And my post about being bisexual has like 1200 views. Lol


Lol I would die if my family or friends found out about this site or this one other site I go on. I really would prefer them not to know the extent of what I deal with…

I think that once when my mom was cleaning my room she found one of my psycho journals…one day when I came in it was misplaced, and ever since that day my parents have been treating me a lot more delicately…hmm…could be in my head…

Also I’m sorry but that kind of sounds like a one-liner! “I want to tell my family and friends I’m a schizophrenic but I’m just too darn paranoid!” Hehehe.