Anime night

The future is now not later. What we do now matters. Then again nothing matters because it’s all an illusion. Care to share your feelings on this Saturday.

Whatcha watching if its an anime night?

Death Note
my first anime i ever watched wouldn’t mind watching it again


That was a good one. Also future diary, ghost in the shell, akira, cowboy bebop, space dandy, dbz, fullmetal alchemist, fooly cooly. Good stuff

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You’ve seen so many :grin: . I’m impressed. I’ve only seen Nauto + Shippudin, Some Bleah, Death note, and of course Attack on Titan. The gore kinda freaks me out so I’ve refrained from watching them, but they are good shows.

You guys ever watch darker than black?

Flcl naruto, samurai champloo, blood + . The list goes on … But I feel asleep watching dbz so I didn’t make it to the good stuff
@Kazuma but I can tell we grew up watching the same stuff since we’re the same age

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I’m still waiting for then to finish Attack On Titan, feels like it’s been forever.