Animal control officer not hired until next week

it will be one more week before the animal control can retrieve the large three dogs on our street for the last two weeks…I’ve been feeding them, the rest of the neighbors are mean to them, so they hang out near our front yard or across the street where they are nice to them too. they bark constantly all night chasing I don’t know what…probably my cats which I don’t see but I bet they are sneaking visits to the food bowls at night. I saw my dear fluffy orange cat yesterday but none of the others for about two weeks…makes me sad for them. I will be glad when animal control calls me next week to identify the right dogs.


I live in the ghetto and we get a lot of strays. It can be dangerous sometimes walking around here. Most the time they’re skittish. I saw a guy getting attacked by two dogs a few days ago. I didn’t stop in time but others that drove by stopped to help. Everyone and their mother has to have a big guard dog around here.

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