Anhedonia and motivation getting better

Instead of laying in a recliner all day with my eyes closed, I have been doing activities. I started exercising and stretching 30-40 min daily. I have been working on cognitive behavioral therapy books. I am learning touch typing and practicing 10 key. I am working on my resume and interview questions. My day is now filled with activities, and I have to lay down less because I’m sleepy. The anhedonia is getting better- I used to get feelings of dread thinking about doing activities and my mood was generally uncomfortable. I feel less down and like I lack interest to do anything. I’m not completely better and I still dislike the shower, but my existence is improving.

Anyone else improve with anhedonia and motivation? What did you do?


I’ve been doing a teeny bit more housework than usual. I cleaned my whole apartment recently. That’s after going a full 12 months without cleaning it at all. I’ve also been taking more baths and showers than usual lately. I bought a shower curtain for my bathroom so, I hope that fosters more showers.

Yeah, my negatives have improved too.

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Mines getting worse 95% of the time I want nothing and care about nothing…surfing this forum is my accomplishment. I can’t even get the mail every day.

I spent a decade sitting on my ass. I still played competitive cricket and socialized but at home I did nothing. I’m now, at 49, fitter than I’ve ever been in my life and working hard every day at getting better.

You can turn it around and I’m glad your on the path…take those little steps first and life is so much more rewarding!

@friscokid12 It is great to hear how you have improved with these problems. It’s an inspiration. I have off work for 4 days in a row now and I am having a lot of trouble with activity.

I’m sorry to everyone struggling. It’s no way to live.

Even let’s say… The Rock! would get depressed if he stayed a single whole day laying down…

I cured my anhedonia through supplements but I still have zero or negative motivation.

What supplements?

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