Anger, hostility, and combativeness?

I’m kind of worried I’m about to fall off the deep end again. I get this way before pretty much every psychotic episode. Anyone else? Is this common? Could it be something else? I’m still on my meds, but it feels imminent. I don’t know. I’ve been struggling for a few weeks, but nothing major. My clinician got me in to see my pdoc last week but he just brushed me off and said to relax. But now this and I don’t know what else to do. I think I’m already losing friends because of things I’m saying to them. I don’t intend to be mean or whatever, but it’s like I can’t help but respond to things with hostility. I’ve been limiting myself to this forum only today because I don’t want to ruin things.

I don’t know what to do. Is this common? Is it even related to the sz? Maybe I’m not about to have a psychotic episode? I don’t know what to think.

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Sometimes I get that way when the medication is wearing off or I am not eating well or also if the medication is not working well for me. It could also be your hormones, if you are getting your period etc fluctuation, stress, the heat.
Just try to do things slowly, take it easy and focus on your health. Do not worry too much :sunflower:

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This is exactly why I am stoned all the time.

I feel like this all the time.

Which is different, I actually start fights and will get violent, and that is the sign I’m about to lose my brain.

You’re saying this agitated feeling is indicative of an episode?

I feel like you’re doing the right thing, staying distracted.

Try not to over think it.

It could just be stress or hormones. (are you about to start your period?)


I’m really worried it may be the meds not being as effective as they used to be. I really do not want to have to find a new one. Maybe it is diet, though? I’ve been trying to eat less to lose some weight. But I’m still eating plenty, so doubtful. Maybe it’s just the change in diet and not the amount? Hm. Who knows. Could be my period, too, I guess. I’ve never had this as a PMS symptom before, but they can change at any point so anything is possible. Hm. Who knows.

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are you sza, because some times when I get a little manic or even mixed it comes with a lovely dose of agitation. Also the first thing I start to question is the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep. For me that’s usually the culprit along with the stress it causes.

Nope, sz. I don’t typically have mood symptoms. Sleep is pretty much the same shitty sleep as always. I sent a message for my clinician. She’s coming over tomorrow.

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let me know how you are!

Thank you for checking on me, @tera (my sister’s name is Terra). I’m not really sure how I am at the moment. Mostly just confused. I’m struggling to focus enough for anything to make sense. Which, in turn, makes me frustrated and angry. I can’t really handle my life right now, but I don’t have anyone that can help, so I’m just stuck flailing.

I hope you’re doing okay.

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I’m okay, just sleepy. Just hang in there until your appointment! I’m going to sleep but I’ll check on you in the morning.

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i think mood symptoms are common,
i get mood swings within seconds of each other and as for agression
who wouldn’t get angry at constants death threats and abuse…

What’s your diagnosis? I don’t usually have mood symptoms and I’m not dealing with death threats or abuse. I’m sorry you are. Hopefully, assuming you’re referring to abusive hallucinations, you can find some meds that help with them soon.

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hi again…
my diagnoses is schizophrenia with borderline personality disorder…
pretty much screwed but lived with it most my life as usual…
as for abuse - physical and emotional/psychological yes voices and hallucinations…

are u there? are u okay?


I’m here. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m feeling a bit better today, so I’m leaning toward probably just hormones. Probably just worrying for nothing. I’m pretty good at that.

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I’ve been taking Lysine and Niacin for the anger and anxiety, and it seems to be helping, when used as supplement to my antipsychotic.

I have a partial clot in my brain (known as CVT) which is causing me to have a short fuse and intrusive thoughts, as well as SZ symptoms. Lysine can actually “lyse” the clot (dissolve it, in other words), and Niacin helps with blood flow, and can trigger arterial growth around the blockage.

I’ll look into lysine. I can’t take niacin because it messes with my blood pressure too much and makes me pass out more often. Thanks.

You may want to take an equal amount of Arginine with the Lysine, to prevent Arginine deficiency from taking it. Arginine also reduces anxiety and clears arterial plaques (I’m taking it too.)

A quick Google search tells me arginine may be a bad idea. I think I’ll just skip all the supplements and stick to what my doctor tells me to take.