Angel Numbers

I used to be into this, thinking that the universe or god was putting certain numbers in front of me. I got repeating 2’s (222 or 2222) and 444 a lot. 36 was another one I just saw everywhere and i mean everywhere. I looked up 444 in a gematria calculator and it turns out both Jesus and Lucifer add up to 444. Anyways, it’s a weird little rabbit hole that I went down. It was really hard to stop looking for numbers once I got started. I became a slave to superstition if you will. i feel like I’m getting out, but anytime I see the number 74 I feel like it’s god winking at me almost. Anybody else have any experience with this?


Not triggered by this

But you got me intrigued. I’m just…not gonna go there :+1:

But my ocd counting numbers were 3-4-12 and 12+3=15 , for good luck :wink:

And 3 is my life path number

I’ve paid attention to numerology

It hasn’t disappointed me yet. Just made me a bit psychotic and over indulged in the occult :wink:


I don’t believe in Angel Numbers.

But my sister believes in all new age stuff and all she does is talk about Angels, tarot, astrology, meditation, healing, DNA programming,…

So I’m pretty used to listening to this kind of stuff.

Still don’t buy it.


I had a belief system out of the following diagram…it was the amount of pain I would feel in each number rating of in the tortures that I thought were going to happen…

                2            2 
           3        3           3 
        4      4         4          4

Would watch a few tarot readers on youtube, but I regret doing it. They made my paranoia worse by predicting my whole life. It is not healthy.

Maybe the brain always seeks confirmation of things… it’s self-biased. It wants safety, that is why we have a brain. Brain is specialized in seeing patterns, so it can predict something. But I know, loneliness makes things worse… like cabin fever.

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The number 11:11 would come up often for me and I’d try read up different religious texts to find its meaning. I really wasn’t well I’m glad I am back on meds.

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I can think about some numbers which have some special meaning, such as 69, 13 , 4 ,6 ,7 or 78.
when you speak out these numbers in English or in Chinese, they have different pronunciations and they have related to something else.

No, no such thing…

Tesla praised the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Go figure.

Hi, Jinx
The figures have different meanings in different cultures.

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I know in Chinese culture the number 8 is of significance especially in real easte…

Yes, you are right. The majority of Chinese people like the number 8, especially in business section.

Also, I know of that in western culture the number 13 means bad luck or misfortune.

I chose 12 because it’s the smallest number with the most intervals

I also chose 3 and 4 because it equals 12. And then I would do 3 extra for good luck :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers: =15

Lately certain numbers resemble certain people. 4 is reminding me a lot of my sister.

It’s stupid af. I don’t understand why I’m so illogical now.

Numerology can be explained away by a simple understanding of probability. Still, since psychosis, a lot of numbers are significant to me, and I see a lot of patterns in them. I hate it.

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I think you know what you have to consider so I won’t even say it…. Well good luck. I don’t mean to be like ur sister :laughing:

Because 4 is MY lucky number also…. Always has been because I was 4 when I learned what lucky :four_leaf_clover: numbers are and it just stuck with me :laughing: all these years!

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I can’t get on board with numbers having any significance due to their random occurrence. The fact is, a number is present because a number has to exist. The idea it’s significant because it happens to occur more frequently, or rather, you feel an emotional attachment to it, is empty af. I really don’t respect the practice.

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I like that 3 is my life path number it hasn’t always suited me but it helped me believe I can transform my self……

It’s your idea of it which lead you, not the number. If your lifepath number had been anything else, I’m sure you would have been swayed by that one too.

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