Angel Haze: An Auditory SZ Journey

#The Sickness
"I can hear every thought, every sound, every rock
Every ground, every creak in the earth now
And he’s pleading with me
Tries to bring forth who he thinks I should be
Root of all evil and it’s seed is in me
I drift away, and when need I’m asleep and
He tells me to drive, blinded to the elm of the night
Gonna show you what it means to be real
I want you to peel 'til you tear from inside"

If you listen to this song: It has a bleak ending. Suicide is not the answer, ever.

#The Recovery
"And you give it your all despite what it takes
And you never let ‘em kill you, you take everything they give you
And throw it right ■■■■■■’ at 'em and tell 'em it doesn’t phase you
And no it don’t ever break you, and no it can’t overtake you
Life’s like a bed of roses, you take the thorns and you make do
Sometimes you have to hurt for the 'cause to be reached
But one day you’ll be stronger then all that you beat."

I recommend giving both of these songs a listen. The first shows that she understand some of our struggles, and the second is her triumph over them.