And ironically, I can't stand kidney beans

IDK what’s going on. It started over a year ago with my GP when she ran some tests and said somethings wrong with one of my kidneys. She referred me to a specialist at the county hospital. I won’t go into every detail but one doctor sends me to get my kidneys scanned and x-rayed and tells me it’s damaged but if I’m careful, it won’t get any worse… Than I drive ten miles up to Stanford and get scanned and my doctor tells me two weeks ago that both kidneys are fine. WTF? That brings me up to the present. Just today I get a letter from Stanford saying they want more pictures of one kidney but I don’t have to have it done until January. These doctors are leading me on more than the head cheerleader in high school when I asked her out 5 different times on a date to see “Jaws” at the Drive-In movie. I just want to relax and know that I don’t have to worry!!

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I know the feeling. A few years ago I began having blood in my urine. Freaked my gp out. She sent me for a bunch of tests. Nothing came back weird. Then more blood showed up. Sent me to a urologist. Got an exam- really uncomfortable. Then he did a procedure that put a camera in my bladder and shot lots of fluid in to check for interstitial cystitis. Nothing. Ultrasound. Nothing.

Just random blood for no reason. Kidneys are stupid .


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