Medical problems causing mental problems

Hi, I’m new here. I’m 41 and have been sz for 20 years. I’ve never been hospitalized but I tried so hard to not listen and refused to listen to the voices. Anyways, I recently learned I have a 9-10 mm mass on my kidney. I’m freaking out!!! I’m trying to get a doctor to do blood work, but my doctor is out of town. The specialist I’ve been seeing for other issues did an ultrasound one month ago, and I was just told today about the mass!!! I’m so upset!!! They ordered a ct, but no blood work!! I’ve had other masses, on my uterus, not cancerous! I feel like I shouldn’t be freaking out, but I’m balling my eyes out. I don’t want cancer!! I have two kids and my dad died from cancer when I was four! Help me not freak out!!

Did he tell you how early you caught it? Often if cancer is caught early enough you have a really good chance of treating it. Since you have your family to think of do all you can to get the best care possible! You can fight this!!

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I think I’m jumping ahead. I haven’t had a diagnosis yet. Just told I have a mass. It’s just me thinking the what if.

My brain is on overload! I just freak out easily with medical stuff.

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Don’t freak out and stay calm. Maybe it’s easy for me to say but things will get worse if you freak out. Anyway, I really hope the best for you and wish you to recover perfectly from this! Don’t hesitate to come back here if anything!

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Oh well then try not to jump to conclusions. It’s not uncommon to develop benign tumors as one gets older. Hopefully it will be nothing. Sending well wishes!!


Thank you!!:bug:


Thank you :butterfly:

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Hey, sorry to hear this. Hopefully it’s benign. Is it just on one side? There are so many advances these days. It’ll probably be fine.

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