An update on my day

About 12 days ago, I got excluded from my previous health club that I used to train at for 2.5 years(Holmes Place Modiin).
Since then, I have been to many different health clubs, looking for an alternative option.

So here’s what I did today:

I went to a health club near my home(the municipal pool, Modiin), and there I did aerobic training, on an exercise machine that is generally

geared to strength training, a new machine that I never exercised on before( neither aerobic nor strength training).

Afterwards I went home, and then I went to a different health club, also near my home( Ego Azrieli mall Modiin).
There, I registered for a month, got a chip for entry and a backpack, and then I did a personal strength training

program with a trainer there. Afterwards I started training, and realized that training there( even just strength training excluding aerobic training that I planned to do at the health club modiin pool) is not relevant for me,

because training takes time for me and there is a time limit of only 3 hours per day at Ego.
So, I went home.
Afterwards, I went to modiin pool, and modiin pool arranged a meeting for me for tomorrow at 2:30 PM to do

a strength training program.

Afterwards I went to Ego for the sauna there( I am planning to only go to Ego for the sauna),

then I went home, then I went to a treater for my schizophrenia, and then I returned home.

At home, I played a successful game of blitz chess.

That’s it mates.


Hello Erez,

Why did you get excluded from your health club?

Anyways good to see you again.

Hello @anon97118089, it was a “scandal” of sorts, but never mind.
Now it looks like I have settled on an alternative health club.
I used to shout things during certain kinds of aerobic exercise and it caused me trouble.

Hi Chess, nice to hear from you. I am glad to see you well. I have been surviving the holidays, still have my worries though. I will pray for peace.

Well, I’ve been temp banned from two different stores for going crazy with googly eyes over the past year and such, so you have company when it comes to behaving inappropriately in public.

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What do you yell?

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