An unusual dream

I had a dream two nights ago that I took LSD. I used to do LSD leading up to the illness and I believe it triggered it. Anyways, later in the dream there was a guy with a lot of LSD. He asked me what I would do to get LSD. I said back in the day I would have punched someone to get LSD (but never did that). And I began to explain how I was doing LSD so often and then the voices came. When I mentioned the voices he got really angry and said “Don’t pull that BS on me! You deny the shadow’s son! (Or could have been shadow sun)” Then he started screaming about how I should commit suicide.

I understand that the shadow’s son/shadow sun piece was probably just gibberish but at times I feel there is something mystical about it. What does it mean? Probably nothing. Just a dream.

There are a lot of iconic things that seem to have symbolism, and it’s not unusual to have that be a part of a dream. I don’t think there’s any specific message or meaning you need to interperate, but it would be cool to write or draw about what it makes you feel or imagine. I also did LSD a few times, and think it affected my mental health. And I also had a very vivid dream once about being on a hallucinogenic my mind imagined. I dreamed Tijuana, Mexico was a city dedicated to it. Everyone lived in tree guys and could fly there. And the hallucinogenic was these little green and red balls found in rattle snake tails. I was being persued in the dream and woke up during the flight/chase.

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Yeah probably just a dream. I used to have dreams like that before I was stabilized. I dreamt a demon grabbed me from behind and for 3 days I’d swear to you that the demon was attached to me and was going to kill me. Another time I was in this world that looked like Mario but with these vivid flower creatures and mushrooms that were snapping at me as I drove by. Now I don’t really have dreams but I’m okay with that. I never did LSD though.


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