An IQ test

I got 125

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Nice, I’mma do the test when I’m off work :slight_smile:

The highest I’ve ever scored was 126, and the lowest was 115. On online tests I usually do between 116 and 121

… I got 130 :open_mouth:

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Ya beat me! :blush::crazy_face:

Nice @FatMama :slight_smile: Its above average.
Me, in my best, I usually score around 120. when I am tired and have no strength, its another story here…

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A surprisingly good score for me given the mix of verbal and non-verbal questions .

This is more in line with what I normally get on such a test.

Found this interesting comment re full scale IQ and what Americans call learning disabilities. It was a novel way to describe things.

“The Full Scale IQ is an averaging of these five scales, so it’s only meaningful if the scales are consistent. If a child is superior in verbal reasoning, but below average in visual spatial skills, the full scale number looks average. It’s akin to having an average body temperature because your hair is on fire while your feet are in a bucket of ice water.”

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It says I got 140. Is it posible?


I only did the first four questions but they seemed way too simple questions for an IQ test.

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Here is the most reliable online test of fluid intelligence, according to various high IQ forums. They charge around 10 USD to take the test.


Yeah this was just for fun.

That indeed is a good test for the vast majority whose crystallised and fluid intelligence scores are close together. If crystallised is significantly higher it will underestimate a person’s IQ. The opposite happens if fluid IQ is significantly higher.

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A good one to try .

Uncommonly Common IQ.pdf (87.6 KB)

Good point. @firemonkey

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s been suggested on a Facebook IQ group that I suffer from ‘test anxiety’ especially when it comes to tests of fluid/spatial IQ . If an answer doesn’t come easily or quickly to me I struggle .

110 for me :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: 152514__–64_6

I don’t think IQ tests measure anything.

Wanna test someone’s intelligence ?

Pump them full of fear and throw them to the dogs. I think that works.

Lol …

Bah - bad test for me, i only scored 110, but i’m hopeless doing maths and i think even true iq test only are for fun. But fun they are.

Test said 140, but I used pencil and paper and looked up the word “burrow” just in case. Guessed several.

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Every iq test I take rounds off to 123. Lol.

IQ tests used to tell me I was pretty smart at 125, but I did one recently and scored 80

My intelligence levels are pretty good given the challenges around autism and schizophrenia.

I lose interest in these tests pretty quickly now.

I am still a fan of MBTI and part of a forum for INTJ’s

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