When I was 15, I felt gay pride

That was in1960 and it was nothing I or any of my classmates could accept. But there was something right about it. Remembering it makes me feel stronger.


I have always thought that gay people are very respectable-like us, they are different and struggle with stigmas and misconceptions.

I think it came from having a socially backward childhood and the need to develop with my own kind.

So you’re gay right?

mortimermouse, I am 69 years old now. Friendship is my priority rather than anything sexual. I do find some women exciting and I know some men scare me. I leave it at that.

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Oh wow, I had no idea you were that old! I am only 20.

You didn’t do the math of the dates I gave. lol

And by the way, dont let men scare you…I am a stereotypical type A male (honors student, weightlifter, muscular). We’re all vulnerable, all men are. All men are afraid of getting hurt emotionally, in fact, the toughest, scariest men are usually the most traumatized, emotionally and psychologically scarred individuals you can find. Scary men are just grown up injured boys, that’s what I think. I’m no psychologist but that’s what I have observed in myself and other “scary” men. I scored rather highly for “psychopathic deviance” on the MMPI-2 back when I was 19, an unmedicated schizophrenic alcoholic who cut class to lift weights or drink (usually in that order) and I also scored very highly for trauma. I think “scary” males are just wounded beasts.

Just wanted to share my insight.

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sure. I’m ok if we can talk.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder AND Schizophrenia. I was just a wounded child. Now, no personality disorder, and just sz. With my political and personal views, I am a feminist and anti-homophobe. I have to agree with mortimermouse, big scary men are just wounded people with more scars than most people. Most militant people are, be them male or female. Sorry chordy if you and I butted heads once on the old forums.

Those old posts are all just the vaguest of memories now, alien.

Cool deal chordy. :smiley:

I still feel gay pride. I am so grateful for the changes that are being made in this country. However, I come from a small town in Oklahoma. I don’t know any other gay people. I know their out their but we still have to wear camouflage.


I am 100 percent for marriage equality - I dont care what the church thinks on that one, things have to be fair for everyone


I agree with Wave. Everyone should have the same rights. The U.S. is so backwards. Everyone thinks everything is alright when gays can’t get married in most states.

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Love is love be it same sex or man and women, Thats what we all have in common.

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I’ve enjoyed having gay and lesbian friends because they often have a different perspective on life. I’m obsessed with figuring out life. So different perspectives are refreshing. I also realized recently I don’t like small talk. When you can predict what the just of what the other person is about to say it seems like a waist of time. Or strangers that say how you doing and then walk away. They obviously don’t care. So why did they ask in the first place.

Marriage should be removed from the government. Give tax breaks for kids but that’s it.

It’s a religious idea, leave it up to churches to marry people.