Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


Couldn’t that just be a coincidence if you just took it once?


It’s been 6 hours approx since I took today’s dose and I’m still as stimulated as I was hours ago. I know from yesterdays trial that it’s not going to wear off until I go to sleep.

I feel bug eyed, like I’ve taken multiple espresso shots.

I’ll investigate cutting the dosage.

I’m going to try another brand tomorrow anyway.


I took my nightly L-theanine early and that’s calmed things down for a while. I’m playing herbal uppers and downers right now…


What do you mean by spacey, like high? Lol


I use Real Mushrooms Lions Mane and have no stimulant effect. I take 2000 mg. Maybe y ours has caffeine in it? I got mine from their Amazon account.


It doesn’t have caffeine but I’ll try a lower dose and see if that makes a difference. I have one other brand that I bought that I can try also. So the experiment continues … !


I didn’t like my first dose of sarcosine or the first week, really. Can’t live without it now.


Maybe I should try sarcosine again :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Naw im not trying it again when i say i was agitated i mean dangerously so. Im not going to risk doing something stupid.


Thank you for your feedback, sorry it didn’t work for you!

If I could ask, which brand is it you’re using?



Thank you. Interesting source.


Hoping you ran it by your doctor before trying in the first place?


Naw i never do when i try supplements, He does not care about supplements, he just hints that im wasting my time with them.


Frig. Look, if this makes some people dangerously agitated (your choice of words), then I’d really like to re-emphasize the fact that people really REALLY need to clear this stuff with a doctor before trying it.



@Opus your experience is a good example why you should start with the amyloban 3399. It’s the only one that has been clinically researched extensively


I ordered from this place and it got to me thru customs and didn’t have to hastle with vat. They have lots of experience shipping internationally they say. I’m going to reorder from here in the future.


I’m around the two month mark now I think. No positive symptoms worth mentioning right now. Negative symptoms cut in half at least. No intrusive thoughts last week. Neck, shoulder, and back pain all still improved. Start tapering down on Geodon per doctor’s directions this week, not touching Wellbutrin dose at this time. Still taking the 3399.


Since we don’t know the origin or purity of the Lion’s Mane, it would be wise to start at the smallest dose.
I am taking 500 mg a day for a month and that is helping me with whispers I was hearing.
Most pdocs don’t know or care much about supplements in my experience.


Well today I only took 2 pills instead of 4. I still felt “coffee” wired/ stimulated. It’s uncomfortable.

I might try taking 1 pill tomorrow. Ya never know.

But lion’s mane is looking like a non runner for me really.