Amusement Parks


I have vivid recollections and memories of me going to this one Amusement Park as a kid with my immediate family and some cousins aunts and uncles. I found the whole experience to be not so amusing.
The crowds, noise, the strange clowns, the Funhouse is where I got lost in - with all those mirrors that cause distortions. The rollercoaster and rides which scared the ■■■■ out of me. Till this very day whenever I drive pass an Amusement Park, I get sick to my stomach. Any one else like this?



I don’t do roller coasters or other rides. I like the games at amusement parks.

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I am right there with you. Kidnappers lurk there. There is usually a kidnapping alert with almost every Puyallup state fair that is given. (It’s called an Amber Alert here in Washington) Every year it seems the State Patrol is issuing an Amber alert during the fair. (This child last seen at the Puyallup) Yuck… It’s once a year and it makes me cringe big time.

The clowns… Oh man the sick clowns. The noise the smell of the out door food courts and the twisted music… NO way can I handle those things. Fairs, amusement parks, that sort of stuff will make my stomach really hurt and I tense up an start teeth grinding. I stay away.

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Most of my memories of amusement parks involved a lot of walking around and waiting while other people in my group did things they wanted.

I do like two rides though. One was an indoor rotating ride where they played classic rock and had strobe lights and stuff. I also like the ride where you stand with your back to the wall, it spins and the floor drops out from beneath you. They play loud music there too.

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The “Time Machine” is the one where the floor drops. To hell with that! I don’t know how you do it, Malvok.



That would be it for me. You’d have to sedate me and pull me off in restraints if that were to ever happen and that would be before the spinning and loud music. I’m with Alien99 on that one. I don’t know how you make it.



I haven’t been to one in many years. Probably wouldn’t enjoy those rides as much these days, I’m getting old.



I had fun at the fair as a kid, but just the silly games. And the food! Funnel cakes are my kryptonite.



I feel a bit bad now… I asked the kid sis if she was into fairs and stuff. She says she has never been to the fair. I realize that I never let her go because of the kidnappers. Now it makes me wonder…

I wonder if in summer I should give it a try… I don’t know though. I was thinking I’d have to handcuff her to me so she wouldn’t get kidnapped. 17 year olds get kidnapped too. But she doesn’t put up with being hand cuffed to things like she used to. It was easy to handcuff her to me when she was 5 and 6. But now, not so much.

Maybe I’ll try work myself up to going. Just one more time now that I’m an adult. Have an escape plan and all. NO handcuffs.



I don’t like the roller coaster type rides.

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I work for yearsat the state fair seen a lot of strange people there too. One of the great things is the fact we have them

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My favorite ride is the ferris wheel. I like getting up high and looking down at it all. Have not been on one in years.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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I don’t know if I would enjoy amusement parks today but the many times I’ve been I enjoyed it. When I was 5 or 6 my dads job would give him free tickets to Disneyland for our whole family. This was 1966 in L.A. (Anaheim) when I believe it was the first and only Disneyland in the world, way before Disneyworld in Florida or Japan. I have enjoyed them with schizophrenia too.

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I worked at the local fairs twice in my life at 18 years old. I always liked the rides and food. Been to walt disney world a long time ago, and Disneyland Paris a few times, and legoland in it’s grand opening. Marriots great america in san jose twice and santa cruise beach boardwalk also.
In 2005 I went to disneyland in LA for the first time, 3 days,all expenses paid by my sister in law, and every night I had such a headache I had to go to my room early and miss the fireworks. It was all that loud music and noise.
I really like turbulence in small aircrafts too.

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I prefer amusement parks in my imagination to the real thing. The Funhouse wasn’t fun for me either. All my friends ran through laughing. I stumbled + got mad at the tricks it was playing on me.

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Yeah I went to Marriot’s the first month it opened with a friend. I was 15 or 16.It was an overcast day and there were hardly any other people there and there we almost no lines for all the rides. Last I heard it was called Paramount’s Great America.



I just can’t hate the bumper cars.

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I forgot about bumper cars! Now I remember having some fun on them at one amusement park as a kid

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