Drop of Doom - would you do it?

I would!

I used to drop acid…

no, no I probably wouldn’t want to.


I probably think I would… And then chicken out when I get in the queue lol!

No way!!! Talk about tempting fate! Lol!

No, I hate roller coasters…

I have trouble with the ferris wheel.


no way would I get in that thing…I don’t like scary rides of any sort…like sohare I feel scared of roller coasters too…why do people like to be put in danger?

I have done it! We had a version of this at the amusement park where I live. I went because my son begged me to go on it. It was pretty awesome.

No way! I have enough adrenaline rushes from ordinary life, thank you!

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How about this? Watch the 1:11 video at the bottom too… woooosh…

that reminds me of this guy, he likes to hang from buildings bare knuckle or walk on thin beams like way up. he or they are called Mustang wanted

I would totally do it.

I’d try that one I think. I don’t know, but coward but it looked fun.