America doesn't give fucks about us

If they could castrate us mentally ill and throw us on the streets to rot they would. Its already being done in a way. They make medication extremely expensive if u cant afford insurance. Then u gotta deal with a job which many are not capable of doing. Then u gotta try to sign up for disability which a lot of times they’ll decline and approve a physical ailment. America doesn’t give a mooses last ■■■■ about me or any of u. I hope donald trump wins so i can watch it all burn. Call me an anti american ■■■■ i don’t care but look at all the mentally ill homeless people. Look at the racism. The mass murders. The thought of sterilizing all of us so we don’t pass down mentally ill genes makes america get off

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Hey @Kazuma , it sounds like you’re having a tough time lately. Hang in there.

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I am having a hard time. I don’t think anyone gives a damn about me. Or anyone else. Everyones apathetic

People do care. But you have to fight the disease yourself sometimes. You have to tell your doctor that things aren’t great, and they might adjust your meds. When one door closes, you have to find a window sometimes.


Ill try. Im very open about my issues with my counselors and doctors. Ive been put on welbutrin and upped my zyprexa because of it. My parents r so scared for my well being right now they don’t even know how to communicate with me. They don’t even want me home over spring break so im stuck at school with nothing to do while everyone is off at other places partying and having a good time. College is awful for me. So much isolation

Hang in there. See how effective the med change is. Remember that there’ll be ups and downs.


Oh, I’m a schizophrenic who went to college.

My love and belonging needs were not well met at college. A lot at college I was lonely and unhappy. Fortunately, I joined AA in college, and therefore had a success at last.

One of the folks I met at AA had been a classmate of my Mom’s in college. So I got some good help from her. Her name was Mary

Mary suggested I join the Christian community at college. in retrospect, that would have been a good idea.


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Sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope you find someone to spend time with and that things get easier for you soon.


I struggle with believing that no one cares about me. I push people away as a result because I’m so hurt that they don’t care. So it’s a vicious cycle in that way. But, the truth is, people do care about me. They’re only human and have their own problems, limitations and faults, but they do care. And, sz is so incredibly isolating. When I think it’s other people being judgmental and cold toward me, it’s most often my own mind holding me captive again. So I apologize when I know I’ve been harsh, and I call or text the people I haven’t contacted in weeks/months… I make myself reach out, and I force connection sometimes, when I can, because sometimes caring about others heals as much as their caring about me.


i’m pretty sure my in laws don’t care about me I know my partner does but sometimes I wish she wouldn’t share with people my diagnosis at her work. I know they are all nurses and stuff but its bothersome to me. I know she just did it to show she can handle patients like me.

Hang in there, and fight for right now, this is all we have, the present, never give up, never surrender, you are an important part of the fabric

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@Kazuma in a calm view i believe there are a few people that likely genuinely care. most are out for themselves yes and americas political structure is currently designed for some to benefit at others demise in many ways… i value some of the social benefits and i try to do right by my self and others by being drink and drug free and still many 12 step folk eat ■■■■ yea but i count my blessings and am grateful i have what i do…
It sounds like youve got a lot on your shoulders. Peace

& Thank you for the humor, youve made the world a better place by sharing the phrase “a mooses last ■■■■”

Truly i smile at the phrase my friend lol…


Most people don’t care because it’s not their problem. Why should the average Joe you pass walking down the street care about you? He doesn’t know you and you are nothing to him and he is nothing to you.

But despite that, some people do care. But it’s like the example of Dick Cheney the former vice-president under Bush. Cheney consistently voted against almost every bill that tried to give gays more rights. Than his daughter came out of the closet as a lesbian and he had to wrestle with his conscience (of course many people wondered if Cheney ever had a conscious about anything) .He eventually softened a little and became more tolerant of gays. My point is that if it doesn’t effect them directly most people don’t care about schizophrenics, minorities, or they don’t care about other people.

So you’re right. Let me make two more points here. Let me ask you something. Before you got ill and you were just some kid doing stuff with your friends, and then you got into high school and got involved in all the stuff that happens at that age, did you care about mentally people? Did you know anything about mentally ill people? Unless someone in your family had it, I doubt that mental illness was even on your radar. Well now you know why the average person at school, in your neighborhood, or at your job isn’t going out of their way to treat you kindly and doesn’t care about us.

We were once them.If you had never become mentally ill you would probably be exactly like these people now. My second point is this. Remember all the jerks, bullies, rude, nasty people you knew in school in your youth (I know you are actually still young yourself) ? Well most of them grew up and didn’t change much except for the fact that they are now bigger , stronger, and have had 5 or ten years of experience being nasty adults except now they have more power and more tools at their disposal to treat other people badly.

Some people mature and become more tolerant and understanding about other people. Others are the same jerks they were in high school. Anyway, it’s not all bleak and hopeless. There are many, many people who want to help us. There’s good psychiatrists and therapist and not so good psychiatrist and therapists. But most of them ( maybe all) go into this field with a genuine, empathy and wish to help people as much as they can.

Most of them really care about other people and most of them have an innate ability to be able to help the mentally ill. I really can’t complain personally about the treatment and help I’ve gotten since I got sick. I’ve had more than one therapist tell me that she doesn’t think the government gives us enough SSDI to live on. They think we should get more.Personally, I think SSDI is the best deal going around town. I have no complaints, I am happy that I receive anything at all. I’ve had very good help in my lifetime. But it’s just lucky that I happen to live in an area that has lots of mental health resources. The government tries to help us. But you’re right. It’s not enough. They could do more. But it takes people to fight for our rights and those people are out there.


Damn theres some depressing truth right there. And no i never thought of the mentally ill before i was and thats y i hate myself now. Im just naturally an awful demented person like everyone else trapped in this hell hole before we either die naturally or cant take it anymore and spray our brains on the shower curtains. I never thought about how hard life would be before it actually hit me. I was awful towards other peoples differences and i hated myself for it because thats what i thought everyone was. Its all probably true but who cares honestly cause it’s supposed to be that way i guess. God i cant wait for this to be over

My perspective is a little different.

I think lots of people care and do not have the time, energy, or resources to help.

Having grown up in a family with lots of mental illness, I understand the pain of stigma and self-stigma. I agree that homelessness and expensive, inaccessible medical treatment are on-purpose strategies to harm people who are different or disadvantaged. I also know many, many people who would help if they could and who do help whenever possible.

Kazuma, I have been reading along with your struggles and I hope you feel connected to us here on the forum. I hope you receive what you need to get through these rough days.


America has a ridiculous amount of room for improvement but we are treated better hete than in alot of places.


It all started when Ronald Reagan slashed funding for the mentally ill.

Yes, I remember that well. Before he became president,when Reagan was still just the Governor of California, he emptied all the psychiatric hospitals. But he made no provisions for them after they were released. There was very little outpatient care or follow-up treatment for them or aftercare.There were very few places for them to live.

So what Reagan essentially did was put hundreds of mentally people out on the streets to fend for themselves with little or no help. most of them were either too ill to apply for aid or didn’t know how to apply for aid or even if they were high functioning enough to apply for cash aid, they had no address for aid to be sent to them and most of them were too ill to work. It was a horrible situation.

My city had many, many people in this situation. The crime rate went way up because since all these people who were trying to survive on the streets had no money, they resorted to crime to get food or other necessities. But then a lot of board & care homes opened up here in San Jose. These homes were not the cleanest, safest places to live but they got some people off of the streets. There was no treatment in these homes, they were just shelter, and three meals a day.

Al this happened when I was in high school. It was before I got ill and I vagualy remember it happening at the time but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Ironically, ten years later I was in one of these board & Care homes myself and by that time I cared a great deal about mental health funding and housing.