Amazing paper I strongly suggest you check out

Google Pat Deegan and then click on the Journey of the Heart. Awesome inspiring paper about recovery!


I was really excited for like a new special kindof paper or something haha

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This is awesome. I want my pdoc to read this, I’m gonna writte it in a piece of paper and take it in my next appointment.

I had the same reaction Minnii. I wanted to share it with all the professionals in mental health in my life. I love this paper by Pat Deegan. She’s been there and done that with a hardened heart. I think so many therapists and psychiatrists think that we’re just a person with chemical imbalance and just take your meds. Of course it’s much more complicated than that. I remember in my own experience I almost lost hope and gave up but fortunately my mom never gave up on me and gave me continued support for recovery. Now I feel like taking on life everyday and accepting life as a series of challenges that I hope up for. Good luck Minnii and everyone else that reads this paper. Wow did the paper hit home to me even to the point that I once took Haldol and felt totally zombied out. Take care!

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Thanks :smile: Good luck to you too.

Bumping this thread for more people to go read it