Pat Deegan;psychiatric disability advocate

Have you heard of Pat Deegan?

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Never heard of her.

Yes- I’ve heard of her. She’s another self appointed ‘expert by experience’ . Funny how most of them are anti-(mainstream)psychiatry or close to it .


Why do u think they r antipsychiatry? I’ve noticed that too.

I looked her up. She believes she is on a mission from God to save schizophrenics from having to become “pill swallowers.” I don’t think this belongs in the recovery section.


I’ll tell u why this is in the recovery section. She emphasizes self responsibility and self determination. She talks a lot about how just taking pills are not the road to recovery. She wrote a great paper too called Journey of the Heart. If you have a spare moment you might want to check it out. I was inspired about it in terms of my recovery… Again that’s called Journey of the Heart.

Bullsheet 151515

She needs help…

It’s tricky. She makes a lot of good points about doctors needing to remember that we are human beings capable of great things, but she takes it waaaay too far and ends up hating on modern-day medications and doctors because of how things used to be back in the seventies.

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