Am not so sure the internet isnt ganging up on me

Even this forum, previously a safe haven, seems to be intended to set me off. I happen to read a specific post which sets off a cascade of worries. What are the chances I read that exact post at that exact time? Seems pretty slim to me.

I got rid of my aerial so broadcast tv can’t Gang up on me, same with Facebook. Seems like everywhere has me down for a target.


Mate. Facebook is pretty strange these days and targeted advertising in the norm. We used it for the cricket club. Anyone who uses fb to search for cricket in our area gives them a hit to our club. We got like 4 players where a local and state paper got us none!

I know it’s hard but ideas of reference and magical thinking can make it all seem way more than it is. There’s no conspiracy. We are all pretty nuts around here and not that organised! Most of us are struggling with our own things to gang up on you and mate…your a nice guy around here who doesn’t rock the boat!

Hang in there. Talk to your doc if your getting paranoid! I, for one, like to see you doing well so relax and get it sorted!


Might be worth taking a break if you feel it isn’t helping. I sometimes feel this way, but honestly, this is now one of only two things I really visit regularly on the internet.

The quality of the moderation and the supportive nature of peoples posts about shared experiences I think is key to recovering yourself, but also contributing your experiences to help other people as well.

When I joined, I was completely ignorant about mental health despite being Dx’d two years previously,

People are always here, and we support each other. There are few places online I think you can compare the levels of compassion this site seems to breed - it’s unique and we’re all brought here by similar struggles.

Perhaps another option is to PM the person who made the post if you’re worried about it. I have done that a few times and it’s almost always the case that the post wasn’t meant to harm anyone.


Hey @Joker thanks for your post. I do get folk aren’t intentionally targeting me but my messed up brain tells me they are. I have this ongoing battle in my head between the rational and the unrational.

My brain is so mean to me.

Now my loyal music collection is being used against me. Put in shuffle and first track was being cruel to me. But I can’t take silence either. Am pretty lost.

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Internet has fewer chances to target individual compared to Intranet.

(Just kidding!)

Seroquel isn’t doing a very good job. You sound like you’re becoming psychotic.

I really think you should talk to your psychiatrist, and the sooner the better.


@anon35166066 I am worried about you. You seem to be slipping more and more into a psychotic state. Is there any way you can contact the crisis team?


Hey @everhopeful and @firemonkey I really appreciate your input. I agree I don’t think the seroquel on its own is enough. I think it has taken 6 months off depixol for this to become clear.

@firemonkey have left a message with the duty worker in the cmht (my nurse doesn’t work on Thursdays and Fridays). The secretary said the duty nurse will phone me back.

In the meantime am trying to stay away from broadcast media and music with lyrics. I have some diazepam but I think the problem is more with psychosis than anxiety. Also I have noted sometimes I think benzos on their own can kinda disinhibit some of my unusual thoughts and makes them ‘run wild’. So am gonna stay away from the benzos.


I have had several relapses over the long haul. If you are having a relapse it will, in time, get better and then you can return to feeling mostly free of symptoms. I hope the doctors have a good plan for you, once you can get an appointment. Thanks for sharing the details of your experience.

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Hey @anon35166066 I rarely post on Facebook Any more because it makes me paranoid. I get that completely. I posted on here a few times today. I hope nothing I posted caused you any anxiety. I always appreciate the things you have to contribute. I hope you find relief. :blush:

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I also like to hear what you have to say, @anon35166066. I hope this period passes quickly and you feel better soon.

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I canceled fb in 2006. I don’t do social media. It’s all a trigger. I’m better off without it.

In my experience the worse I’m doing the worse everything seems to set me off. The more likely I am to pick things up as “messages” or as symbolic.

Maybe your meds need adjustment or your life has been more stressful lately.

if the feeling has happened and passed before, then it might again, this time.

i myself cant always cope or hold it together, “triggering” is the new term, i think.

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