Am I weird?

Just curious. Tell me your opinions

Define weird…


No, just having anosognosia


Yes you’re weird. We’re all weird. Jk. Idk.


"One mans/womans weirdness, is another mans/womans schizophrenia.


I just think I’m a deceptive ■■■■■

Deceptive and weird are completely 2 different things. If you’re deceptive, then you really need to work on that


Marching to the beat of your own drum is okay. Having your own brass band is even better. Nothing wrong with being the person who walks off the beaten path so long as you’re doing no harm to others or yourself in the process.

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Well, seeing as you asked for an opinion, I would say you come across as young and naïve. I don’t get “weird” vibes though.


I agree, but there’s often a price to pay for that. Although in our cases it was forced onto us.

Yes and no. I don’t really worry about getting invited to hang with the popular people, in fact that’s something I actively avoid. Also, people will put up with a lot if you turn out to be useful overall.

Well there’s just a lot of stigma and lack of acceptance and socialization, especially when you cant be useful to the society. Having to explain why I can’t be “a contributing member” is even worse.

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No. I don’t think you’re weird, just young and naive. I tried to text you, but they closed the other post. You probably need a second opinion about your diagnosis.

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I didn’t understand why the other thread got closed when there was discussion going on?

I think you need to try and think to yourself “what if this doctor is right”. “What if I do have the illness. Is there evidence for it”.
Also remember that schizophrenia symptoms vary a lot. Like I’ve never visually hallucinated and I’ve only had audio hallucinations like several times. So it isn’t the case that just because you don’t have certain symptoms you aren’t schizophrenic.

I know they’re different things lmao

It’s not just one doc’s opinion
I tried saying that I lied to them but they didn’t take it seriously

Omitting something is one thing . Lying quite another. It seriously prevents the pdoc from giving you appropriate treatment.

I know I regret it and wouldn’t lie anymore

you had me up until “or yourself”. I need to be a follower not a own drum beat maker.

Nothing wrong with that! Find what tickles your pickle and roll with it.


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