Am I Schizophrenic?.?

Can you be schizophrenic and not be diagnosed? But still be just as officially schizophrenic??

Yes you can. Doctors aren’t quick to prescribe a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

But treat the symptoms not the diagnosis.

Stay away from drugs so it doesn’t get worse (trust me I know from experience).

If you never get diagnosed it could be a. a good thing because it never got too serious b. a bad thing because you’re keeping it under wraps for the rest of your life.

If you think it’s serious enough, well in time you’ll be diagnosed if it really becomes an issue.

It’s a tough state, would you want to be half-sure you’re schizophrenic the rest of your life, or fully sure. That’s the one advantage I say I got of taking drugs, it forced me to get serious medical help rather than being “sort-of schizophrenic” for a while. My psychosis hit me pretty fast. Not saying you should do this.

Since Im only 16 my doctor wont diagnose me as anything yet. I just want her to tell me im schizo rather than saying im just suffering from “psychosis”

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Its so frustrating that no one will tell me im sz. sorry, ill delete some of them

No one here can do that. We’re not trained medical professionals and we have never seen you.

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Haven’t we been over this? Especially given your age, it’s going to be difficult to get a diagnosis. I’ll repeat, the label doesn’t matter. Just get on meds that help.


[quote=“California, post:1, topic:34475”]
But still be just as officially schizophrenic??
[/quote]Unfortunately, given the state of modern psychiatry & the mental health system in the United States, you’re most likely going to need a proper diagnosis from a physician or psychiatrist.

It’s pathetic that they won’t diagnose you because of your age. What are they waiting for - you to turn 18 or something? My sister went undiagnosed in her teens as well and she was treatly very badly by the family. No one seemed to empathize with her since they all thought it was behavioral, not a legit illness.

You should be able to get a diagnosis, though. There are many preteens that are diagnosed as early as 7 or 8 because they reportedly hallucinate a lot and have subtle social or behavioral issues. Seems like some modern doctor quackery going on where you’re at or just flat out crappy practice.

Is there any other professional you can contact?

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There’s no doubt, my psychiatrist sucks. Im on a waiting list for a better psychologist who will hopefully give me a more accurate diagnosis.

Well if you were seeing one or the other that might help. …maybe you are just missing their calls.

To be honest, a diagnosis doesn’t really matter. It really is just a label, nothing more and nothing less. What you should be more worried about is treating the symptoms. Even after you’re diagnosed SZ or SZA, your symptoms will still be there. They won’t go away. I understand it may be comforting to have something to call what you’re experiencing. But I think you’re care providers are more concerned with treating what you’re going through then labeling you.

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Oh yeah, the diagnostic window for schizophrenia is 6 months with the full range of symptoms. You generally won’t get a diagnosis until you get to the point where you need to be hospitalized.

Many people never get to this point, and having a diagnosis can impact their life and earning potential. I’m sure there are also malpractice issues.

If you make it past two years with symptoms and don’t develop the full range of criteria, you might get a schizotypal diagnosis.

Some places have programs that specialize in early treatment and response to prevent the development of full range criteria.

Going to one of these places would help you get a second opinion. NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness may help you find one in your area.

I’ve heard before that if you’re psychotic for over six months the doctors consider you psychotic. When you’re young six months can seem like an eternity.

Just don’t kill nobody …or yourself for that matter.

Thanks, you’re right. :slight_smile:

No problem. I know how you feel honestly. I began having symptoms when I was 14, and I was also eager for a diagnosis. But I didn’t get my definitive d/x of schizoaffective d/o till 2 1/2 years, 3 hospitalizations, and a handful of other diagnosis’ later. Though the constant over that period of time was my medication. My doctors came to my final diagnosis because it was the last resort. Doctors don’t like diagnosing schizophrenia or schizoaffective d/o because of how serious the diagnosis is.

/End rant. Dealing with these symptoms is incredibly hard, I’ve been there, but I hope you’ll pull through!


Yes, it is 6 months psychotic to get sz diagnose. I was in hospital for 6 months.