Am I really asking for troubles

I need some advice. 3 days ago I lowered the Seroquel down to 400 mg from 600mg. And I am feeling mentallly well. You see The problem is that I’ve got a body mass index of 27 and that is much to high. I plan to get rid of Seroquel because that’s a heavy weight gainer that has deposited a lot of fat on my tommy. Should I get rid of the seroquel s and get a little increase in the depot I am also having. My target goal is BMI 20.

First, a BMI of 20 is really low. A BMI of 27 is overweight, but not seriously so. You might be putting too much pressure on yourself.

Second, please do not mess with your meds without talking to your pdoc first. You should make the decisions with your doctor, but definitely not without him/her.

Do you have the ability to call for a sort of “in between” phone call, before your next appointment?

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I did inform my nurse today about the reduction and we are getting a time for a shrink.


That’s good.


Yeah, I put on 100lbs in 2 years on Seroquel, but I made the mistake of going off it without any guidance. It resulted in me not sleeping for 6 days straight and started hearing doctors in the apartment next door telling each other that I was in Vfib and was going to die. I wouldn’t even take my dog outside to use the bathroom cuz I thought they were going to arrest me if I left my apartment (I thought the police were monitoring me in the apartment across from me). My poor dog had to pee on the carpet. I ended up calling 911 cuz I thought my heart stopped several times…
I was f***ed up from suddenly stopping the Seroquel, please do it under your doctor’s guidance. I’m on clozapine now, and even tho it causes weight gain, too, I’ve managed to lose about 27 lbs since I started it. Good luck!


WhiteRawen you are really a tuff guy and you are kind of clever because you survived all that.
I take your advice and I do not quit Seroquel cold turkey. I think I’m just staying on the 400 Seroquel in the future. I won’t ask my self how low can I go anymore. And I’ll just accept my weight in the future.

White raven I just want to add that I have been very psychotic in the past at both of us are equally hard hit. I could tell you about all kinds of strange things I did and said in my psychosis’s in the past 30 years. I only want to add that I was one of the lucky ones that never was caught in any kind of criminal acts even though some of the thought I had was quite dangerous.

My nurse had a serious talk with me today. She asked me to go back on 500 mg of seroquel. She told me that I had an extremely rare case of treatment resistant paranoid Schizophrenia. I guess that I played with fire and now I se that I really was asking for troubles thank you raven for your support.