Am I posting too much?

I’m new here. And I feel like I’m being annoying lol
I know there’s a limit to how much a new person can post… I hope I’m not close but I feel like I am.

Anyways I just have nobody to talk to about this stuff, and I’m incredibly lonely. So I really like this site and posting on it. :slight_smile: thanks guys


I’ve been here a long time on these forums and I’ve seen many people come and go. And I’ve seen lots of newcomers. My opinion is that you are not posting too much. I’m glad you like this place, the people are pretty cool here.
And you’re no more annoying than any of us, lol.


But eventually you will be promoted as regular member by posting more. No worries. You’re welcome!

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Thanks guys :smile:


Hey I’m new to this site too. I don’t see how that would be annoying in any way. I understand what u mean about feeling like u can’t talk about certain stuff anywhere else-I don’t tell too many ppl about my illness

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I deleted my last post on accident, I think… ■■■■. Lol oh well. Welcome to the site! :smile: People here seem really cool and accepting. I’m not used to socializing with people like me so its different. I’m just not good at putting my experiences and my symptoms and stuff into words. I need to work on that.

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Nah post away…I like to see if I can make the top ten topics all my avatar some days…


No!! other people are posting to much!! its not just you

Goblin Merlin

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