Am i in recovery if

i have the same symptoms but i feel really good for the past 6 months?

I guess what i mean is what is recovery? for this illness the syptoms don’t go away only thing is how i react to them is different.

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I think it also depends on how functional you are in life. Are you able to support yourself emotionally and financially?

What have you done differently that has gotten you from there to here? (Because this =is= what happens to people who take =action=.)

I agree. State DI, SSDI, VA Service Connected Disability, state unemployment, union disability fund comp, workmen’s comp, Catholic Charities, other church support, family financial support, whatever… makes a =huge= difference. Emotions – especially anxiety – tend to chill when there’s enough money. BUT, one may want to turn the money over to a trusted friend or family member IF one likes “excitement” in any form.

Yes now iam doing very well and happy with my life.


I’d call that a result…

Recovery… healing… growing… call it want you want to…

and enjoy.

I’m glad your doing well. :v:


You’re recovery starts at the time you take steps to get better. In AA they taught me, “Progress, not perfection”. Recovery is a lifelong endeavor. If you put recovery on a graph, it would not be all one straight line heading steadily up; we go up and down, backwards and forwards and there’s no guarantee that you will not suffer a relapse. You can take certain steps to dramatically reduce your chances of a relapse. You can take medication, work with a psychiatrist and therapist, get enough sleep at regular hours, eat right, DON’T DO DRUGS, exercise, build a support system, if your family supports you, try to be around them, Believing in God and having some faith in him has been proven to help people with schizophrenia, try to do a few fun things, be out in nature etc.