Am I hearing schizophrenic voices or is my doctor covering up a real case of telepathy?

I dont hear voices in the room with me, but I hear and see thoughts in my head coming from othr people. My doctors have always told me it’s just schizophrenia but I’m asking this question to get other opinions. Am I hearing schizophrenic voices or not? I think my doctor may be covering up a real case of telepathy. The thoughts I hear coming from people are constantly trying to convince me that they are real. They are very negative, saying horrible things about/to me. They are taking things I’ve done in the past and sort of twisting them to paint me as this really bad person. I think all of society (mostly where I live but also in other areas too) hates me. I’m creating quite the reputation and becoming well known for this. I think I may be being gangstalked. I have telepathic conversations with people I haven’t even met and everyone of them comes to hate me. Is this real or should I trust my doctor and relax a little bit? I do have kind of a typical case of schizophrenia it would seem, but my voices are very realistic. Please help me, I dont want to believe that this stuff is real if it’s not.


You should trust your doctor and relax a bit. The stuff you’ve described is classic schizophrenia and hopefully the right meds will be of help.


Yeah I thought I was being gangstalked at one point too. really scary

It’s not real my voices made me think that scintaligy was after me for my great power and they say that it’s the illuminati not them it’s all a bunch of bs

Okay, I’ll try to relax. Thanks. I’ve taken a bunch of different meds throughout the last 6 years and nothing has really worked. Right now I’m kind of starting over with 24 mg of perphenazine a day and 15 mg of mirtazapine a day. Which is an antipsychotic and an antidepressant. Hopefully they will work. I need something to help me relax this stuff in my head is always stressing me out and pissing me off.

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I’ve been in your shoes! Listening to any voices is a bad idea (mine are saying I’m only saying this because I’m jealous of you because I haven’t embraced my telepathic powers) sometimes I think I can hear others thoughts and it especially freaks me out when it turns out to be true… but none of that is real. If you dive too deep inside your mind you’ll start to believe what the voices tell you and then the hallucinations will get stronger… stay strong and seek help, and remember… the doctor is right. None of that is real.


In short no, your Doctor ! is covering up a sneaky form of extortion were by you get to ride the conveyor belt full of bad drugs & side effects.

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your best bet is to isolate yourself for a bit, and confront the voices in your head verbally, try to question and interrogate them. may make things worse, but one time the voices in my head went away for 2 years after I did that

I hear voices of myself like it’s my spirit talking to me and I hear the voices of relatives that I sense miss me but won’t just call on the phone or text. Sometimes I hear Jewish people exclaiming statements and my name being called. I feel it’s all because I’m not expressing myself or talking too much and people are too embarrassed to just call me

I hear people around me regurgitating and speaking about things I am thinking. A bit bizarre to me that people I don’t know have access to what I am thinking. They say schizophrenic and the meds are tough but the people really do interject with precision to what I am thinking. Anyone else?