Am I developing schizophrenia?

I just got home from a walk from a gas station that is only about one mile away and I usually go to get pop or candy. I’ve noticed something really odd when I’m walking, and it happens every time. So I will get to a stop sign and see two people walking behind, usually they are people I know from school (not friends, but people I’m familiar with). I’ll walk for a little bit and look behind me and I see them, then I’ll walk a little bit and look behind me, and they’re gone. The weird thing is that there is nowhere else to go. It’s a really long road, and there are only fields on each side. Other weird things are that they’re always really quiet, like I can’t even hear footsteps, also they look distorted. They are kind of misty and blurry, but I can make out features to recognize them. I’m really scared. I don’t know if I’m just going crazy. I do have some mental disorders, just some anxiety, but nothing major. Can someone please make some sense of this for me? I also see this with different objects, like I will think a car is following me and the third time I look behind me and it’s gone.

I don’t know what it is, it can be any number of thought/psychotic disorders, honey.

Is there any chance of of being paranormal?

That is unusual. If it is bothering you - I’d recommend you go to an early psychosis treatment center to get evaluated:
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Who’s treating you for the anxiety? ie your family doctor, a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner?

Best to talk to the one treating you about it asap at any rate.

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I’ve been diagnosed from a therapist, but I stopped seeing her.

A Therapist can’t diagnose you only a doctor can. Best to see a psychiatrist asap. A GP (general practitioner) Is usually the best place to get a referral.

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Therapists can diagnose, they just can’t prescribe meds.

Lets not argue over semantics. Your best bet is still seeing a psychiatrist asap.

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What medication are you on? Some anti-anxiety meds can cause hallucinations.

I don’t take any medications. I just receive therapy for my anxiety. Could paranoia cause hallucinations?

Sometimes fear and panic attacks can happen when your under a lot of pressure. People can have psychotic episodes. If your under a lot of stress and pressure you might need to evaluale your health patteres to see if your getting enough sleep, rest, food, liquidl, social stimulation. Talking with friends and family and just having a break time will help. Go out and have some fun,

, exercise, and try seeing your regular doctor for a check up.

what do you mean by paranormal, hon?

Its a chicken and egg situation

That would have to be a complex hallucination and they are rare , very rare. If you are seeing people you recognise them and look back and forth , chances are you are over thinking that’s all. How old are you? Many people say ‘that was weird’ or ‘that was odd’, they wouldn’t go to a schiz forum though. How did you become aware of schiz?

I used to think schizophrenia sucked till I read about chinese daoist masters using Mercury to enter a parallel universe, it’s been scarey at times but you can’t buy this sort of experience, consultant psychiatrists can only but wonder and prescribe their pills and attend courses, coming out of the matrix takes a bit of detox I got fed up with being in the matrix and inception gets a bit much at times

Hi Kairi I (sometimes) am convinced I am being stalked by skinwalkers and demons, but the fact that it doesn’t happen all the time leads me to think they are hallucinations.

I mean if you were stalking someone you wouldn’t have a day off just because your victim was in a good mood would you :black_joker:

Therefore I think it is likely it is hallucinations based on paranoia you are experiencing. But as admin says above an early intervention in psychosis (UK version) team can help.

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