Am I a bad, bad man?

And are you a bad, bad man?

Let me know


@shutterbug is a very bad man.

Bxxtch, please. Satan hides when he sees me coming.



I am Ghosts of the ghost.

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I am a bad bad man in a bad woman’s body.

Haha what kind of ghost are you?

Yes, Nobody understand my phenomenon. I am counteracting the Schizophrenia with out the meds after consuming it for 23 years.

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How long have you not been taking antipsychotics for?

I was suffered by Schizophrenia since 1994. I think continue on meds upto 2019. In between 1996 and 2004 I became off medicine and relapsed in episode period. But now from 2 years completely off meds. Not feeling much requirement of meds.

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I’m a bad and naughty man.

I make those b!thces dance!



Me and my sibling have an inside joke where we make fun of something my mum once said.

You’re a bad girl, you need to pray more.

And, it’s not all about youuuuuuuu, lol.

It’s more funny irl.

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I sometimes become against God also. Thats why I am ghost of the Ghosts.

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Oh really. OK but we are not allowed to discuss that.

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You sound naughty indeed :smiling_face:

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Not as bad as this guy.