Am feeling better about my care package

For a while there I was really pissed off by my team. I thought they were nosey and intrusive. I didnt want to see any of them at all.

But over the last while I have mellowed out a bit. I appreciate that for their own Professional sake they need to take an interest in my life and ask questions.

And really I don’t see them that much. My CPN every three weeks and my support worker about once a fortnight.

Tbh I think I am doing better in general and feeling optimistic


Sounds like your in a good place mentally matey. That is a great thing with it all! A little positive attitude goes a long way!


Sure does buddy.

One thing I did which I think helps is change from sleeping all day and staying up all night to a normal day routine. Has helped.


That’s really positive jim, well done :slight_smile:

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My mood has improved recently too a bit. Maybe it’s seasonal. Winter is receeding. :thinking: Glad you’re feeling more positive, it makes a huge difference.


I reckon it could be the changing of the seasons. I have hated this winter. First winter I have really despised.


Good for you, strange how the seasons can toy with our emotions and ability to deal with people. Nice to see you bouncing back. Feeling bad about your mental health team can be just another source of stress. In sz we should try to minimize all stress unless we know we can handle it.


Since it started getting warmer the other day and sun came out I have been less depressed. All that snow up in the sky may have had our mood low blocking out all the sunlight. The sky has been nothing but white and cloudy for weeks.

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Keep it routine matey!! I don’t work and most times have nowhere to go but I set an alarm to wake up every morning. It really does help!

Glad your getting to more normal routines! You’ll do so much better!


I simply can’t wake up at the same time every day, although I admire those who do. My sleep is too erratic. So, I keep my life routine in other ways. I pray as soon as I awake, (whenever that is). I meditate afterwards. I take my Spanish course online. I practice my keyboard for an hour or so. Then I go down to prayer group. I go down to dinner. I meditate again. Then, I pray some more. Then, I practice more keyboard for another hour or so. Then, I do yoga for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Then, I go to bed with a book.


How did u come across getting a case worker and people that check up on you? I don’t want one, and I was previously on a CTO which makes me assume I would have people that would wanna check up on me but I never had anyone. There was one guy who had the ability to call me into the hospital if I missed an appointment or was off the walls but that never happened. I wonder if it’s because I live with my parents? But yea idk I see a few people on here have people that check up on them and I wonder if it’s like a law or what…

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