Am feeling a little bit better than earlier. Sorry if I upset anyone

I was very low before but am rationalising things better now. I get so exhausted from positive symptoms.

Is really frustrating going off the rails earlier because about 3 days ago I was thinking how good I felt.

Part of my think clozapine is the way forward. But where i live you have to go to the ward for 6-8 weeks to start it. I think that would really upset me

Anyway thanks all for the help and support. I love our little community.

Jim xoxo


Don’t worry about it @anon94176359. You are fine. I like to hear how you are doing. Life has its ups and downs. We’re here to support you whatever ups and downs you are experiences. Plus it takes alot to annoy me. You haven’t upset me at all.


Thanks @anon78876561 :sunglasses:


You haven’t upset me at all. Quite the opposite. You helped me a lot today


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