Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia share a common link


According to a recent study, both Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia seem to develop in the same part of the brain. People suffering from Schizophrenia are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in their life.


grrreat. More crap to look forward to.


This kind of hits home for me, my mom suffers from mild Alzheimer’s - yeah more crap to look forward to :frowning:


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From what I understand, more is known about Alzheimer’s than SZ. Last time I saw a documentary on Alzheimer’s, they said it was caused by “twisted proteins” that leads to toxicity, killing brain cells/synapses.

SZ on the otherhand…nobody knows. Brain hormones or neural wiring problems maybe?..


I agree, there is little understanding of schizophrenia, even among scientists and medical professionals, especially compared to other brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s


I’m sz. My mom died of alzheimers and my dad died of a disease like alzheimers. Actually, I was hoping to get a quicker death. The long slow deterioration of alzheimers doesn’t appeal to me.


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Alzheimers seems like your brain is slowly erasing itself-and in sz, like someone took the brain apart and just put it together any old way.


My father died last year from alzheimers. I feel like I’m going down that same road. Hard to tell because of the SZ already onboard.


Sorry about your father!
Is it possible to have both? Not sure, but I don`t think so.


I thought I read if you have SZ and a parent with Alzheimer, the chances of you getting Az is much higher. I haven’t heard much news lately due to caring for my mom.


I really don`t know.
All I can say is I never heard of it. I have a LOT of relatives that have had alzheimers, but no mental illness…


I came across an article before saying a lot of schizophrenics developed dementia later in their lives. I was alarmed. To avoid dementia, I practice reading and writing to get my brian exercised. I hope the members on this forum excise their brains too.


I feel like my brain was damaged in my episode.