All things being equal, what does your life look like without sz?

pretty simple question… if you never had sz, how does your life look?

for me, the one glaring difference would be that I’d have a career track, instead of the part-time job hopping. the ‘gotta sleep 12 hours’ thing precludes me working full time and having sz doesn’t exactly help in moving up a corporate ladder. in this simulated world i’d have enough financial security for my own condo or home. i’d invest and be in the process of securing a nest egg for retirement.

as far as personal relationships, I don’t think much would be different as I’ve always considered sz to be a functional deficit and not one that has altered my character or personality. granted, with a thriving career and possessions, it would make me more desirable for friendship, marriage, etc. not carrying around an extra 30lbs helps as well. oh, I probably wouldn’t be a smoker either.

i’d be happier and able to pursue other passions such as staying fit and indulging in hobbies. but, I probably wouldn’t have the same regard I have for people less fortunate as I do now. the trade-off as I write sounds pretty one-sided: sz has taken away my profession, earning potential, my health, and has strained relationships… all to have a bit more compassion and empathy. sounds like i’m getting screwed. but as they say, you roll with the punches, take it as they come, no use in creating castles in the sky when my literal next step is taking a little pill that affords me a glance at life. if you are damned upset at this illness, I’m right there with you. I loathe you, schizophrenia…