All the BAD ADVICE in one spot

I’m tired and bored. What life questions do you have that i can up?

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what can I do for easy money?

Should I smell the paper after I wipe my bum to make sure everything is healthy

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Did what I said sound bad? I didn’t mean it too

@Daze Hold up the lottery office.

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@MisterCrowley Taste provides best data

ha, good one. There’s money in my family, no reason I should be poor,

but I guess I’m too proud to ask.

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Don’t worry @Daze, I’m poor too. We can have a club.

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I want to bake a cake but am unsure what flavor to make. Thoughts?

@ninjastar try something new. Salt and vinegar. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


Should I have one cup of tea in the evening or two?

@Italy2010 go for 3. Or go hardcore and drink 3 coffees.

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3 expressos it is

How do you tie your shoelaces?

@Mr.Dre with your teeth.

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How do I tell people I have schizophrenia?

@Italy2010 try a tshirt that says "I’m Schizophrenic! "


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