All that I care

All that I care about is money

All I need is sufficient enough to feed me till my death

Just my basic needs

And if I have a wife and family on the side it would be even better

I don’t care if I have mental illness or not or what the society thinks about me

I am well past all those things

I just need a brain that’s able to think and think right, I then don’t care about sz or mental illness

If I have all this then I am good to go

What r ur thoughts

It’s good to have goals. But when you start to reach those goals, you will want more. Perhaps more money or maybe something else. Humans always want more I think.

But to start by meeting basic needs sounds like a great idea.

How will you achieve this?


Good thoughts

U r right one should have goals

My goal is money

I know money is not everything

and I don’t have love for money

It’s just that it’s a requirement as long as u r alive, got bills to pay

It is handy so I feel if anything’s worth chasing then it’s money

Of course money is not the be all and end all

I wanna earn it by doing something online

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Hmm. . .

That Is Unfortunate.

Becau$e $implicity Is The Root Of All $tone.

For There I$ One $word In Thu$ $tone.

And With It, Come$ Hope, Love, Peace, Faith, And Truth.

Endlessly Holding So Much More Than Ju$ Money.


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