All alone?

I don’t know what’s happening to me right now. Don’t know if depression or paranoia or what. I feel so low and so tired.

I can’t shake a lot of feelings and thoughts. Like my friends don’t like me anymore or maybe see me differently since last time I got sick. My partner is way different toward me too but not sure if it’s real. I feel like he’s hiding things from me and making fun of me and doesn’t like me as much as he used to. Feel like everyone is avoiding me, like maybe because I’m sick or like… What I can’t stop thinking is I’ve done something wrong to them that I don’t remember and no one will tell me what it is. I don’t know why they won’t tell me so I can put it right. Makes me feel like everyone is in on a joke I haven’t heard. Yesterday I broke down crying to my bf asking if it’s all my fault because it all makes me feel so lonely.

Feel ugly and worthless. No energy and keep crying. Keep losing time. Don’t know. I’m sorry. I just needed to share this somewhere.


It’s going to be ok. You are not worthless. You are lovable. Sometimes people just need time to themselves and they are going through stuff of their own. Try to understand that their actions aren’t about you. It’s hard to give them support when you’re so low on energy yourself but you can at least give them space. Just take the time to focus your precious energy on getting yourself to a better headspace. And you aren’t all alone you have us. I hope you feel better.

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Going through the same sh’t right now, seems like there is no break to be found.
I want to say i can relate to what you have written but i might not relate to
what you are feeling, even though i like to think i do. We are strong so keep
on staying strong.

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Thank you for that. I do take things too personally at times, and sza always exacerbates it.

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Sorry you are going through similar. Hope you can find strength too :heart:

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