Aliens, more shared hallucinations

Here is a woman explaining some of the things she sees, she’s diagnosed with my little disorder.

This, like the shadow people, is yet another one of the hallucinations that i have shared with others.

Aliens. Shaman, schizos, sometimes average people, many see them.

Care to explain?

Me, andrew gadtke in his book, this woman, we see the same things sometimes, shaman see them often and so do everyday normal people at times.

It’s not a disease, in my case it’s more of a murder.

Any normies that might wanna come on and share their experiences with them should feel welcome to as well.

i like the people i see, the aliens, the ghosts etc… it makes my existance more interesting.
the other day i saw 6 spaceships in the sky and some dark angels, that is what i call them,but they are actually my kind.
take care


I agree Darksith, I kind of like the things I encounter that others find odd.


just because other people may c them doesn’t mean they r real. shamanic experiences r usually drug induced and normies may c a shadow person once in their lives. anti psychotics and nuerology r still in infancy so just because we can’t explain the y doesn’t mean it’s real. people used to know the world was flat. it was common knowledge that man would never fly or reach the moon. science has proven different things at different times and disproven others. until it proves to me that these things exist then i won’t wholeheartedly believe in them. i’ve seen a shadow person once but i couldn’t tell u why or what it was. i don’t have that knowledge. nobody does yet. xxx

In my book, just because scientists can’t produce something on demand, doesn’t mean it’s not real.
People think a lot of things, thinking don’t make it real, no matter how many people agree it is.
Experiencing something on the other hand, pretty much makes it real, even if there is no logical explanation for it at the moment.

Some thought the earth was flat that is, not everyone thought it was flat, in fact someone knew it was round many centuries ago.

“the circle of the earth”, they even wrote it down thousands of years ago, the circle of the earth.

I for one know that people are not alone in existance, it’s just common sense really.

I didn’t say we were alone. I totally believe in life on other planets, maybe even other dimensions. But that doesn’t mean I believe in everything I’m told. Just bcoz u c something doesn’t make it real. Just because u feel something doesn’t make it real schizoprenia is a disease of the brain that can cause people to see, feel, hear things that others can’t. Doesn’t make them real it just makes them real to the person that experiences them. I’ve felt things before, been scratched before, enough to leave a mark so in the sense that my mind can produce something that has external reality it’s real. But it’s not real to anyone else.

The brain is substance, it has centers that are for sensing these things, what we see right now is in our mind, what we feel is in our minds, what we smell, taste, all of it is in our minds.

“Whomever” can make us see, feel, taste, smell things.

People have advanced very much also and who knows maybe they can do these things now as well, they are creating mind reading technologies at this point and now have machines that can make the mind hear things.

Was it real when i was grabbed on my shoulder? Yes, it really was, would anyone else have known, nope, but when they grabbed me or made my brain feel a grab on my shoulder i knew it was them, whomever they are. When i smelled sulfur i knew no one else smelled it but i knew it had a real cause, as in it wasn’t a chemical imbalance but was “whomever”.

When they visually appeared on a television in a vision i knew no one else would have seen them, but i also knew that when they appeared it was real, it had a conscious cause, they were manipulated my visual center in the my brain.

And i believe in other dimensions as well, and i also believe that there were inter-dimensional travelers back in the day that knew alot about them, but back in the day they would dub another dimension “the spirit world”, lost in translation and way to many different words used for the exact same things i suppose.

Did you see the faces on the TV screen looking at you from the lower corner of the screen? They liked to peek in during the dark scenes, and appear in women’s hairstyles too.
They even appear when the TV is off. I kinda thought they were from another dimension of time, sharing the same space and eyes.

I’m a advert hunter of the unknow beasts of the fields I have see odd strange and crepy but love of under standing there allway a chance of outer beast come hear but yet left emty never to call one earth. Never needed that after all we still have found them all in are own field.