Alcohol free for 62 days

Nice job @pasteyface ! Congrats to you!

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Fantastic! Proud of you mate.



Good going @Om_Sadasiva


Keep going @pasteyface and @Om_Sadasiva!


What really helped me was a) 8 days in rehab and b) telling myself “just for today i wont drink” every day. Id write it in my journal. It was kind of like a daily goal and would change my mindset to “I wont drink”


I’ve learned how to live sober. It is the better way for me.


Yes. It is certainly healthier. My body is thanking me. I sleep better. Am up more during the day. Im able to keep my eyes open past 5:30pm. And my relationship with my Dad is better


I have two days alcohol free. I am trying to get into a 90 day faith based program and if that doesn’t happen then I will go to AA.

I am 38 so have spent 17 years poisoning myself

My knees and nose is scarred from taking so many falls.

Can’t live that way anymore. It is weird because I would drive into the liquor store lot on autopilot.

I used to know why I drank but now I have no idea. I traded beer for a nice car and a vacation.

I like this girl who works at the municipal liquor store but I liked the beer more.

I had no sense after polishing off a 15 pack at 5.9%

Good for you on your sobriety.

I’m still going through withdrawal.


Well done!


Hang in there.


Good on you! :+1:


Congrats. Now to the ugly news. You may need an ap for the psychosis.

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I didn’t realize that you have a problem with alcohol @ThePickinSkunk

Best of luck to you


I have an ap. I am on invenga trinza

Thank you.

I just recently admitted it to myself. But have to start somewhere.


Congrats on 2 days. Its hard the first week. I had tried quitting on my own but like you say, i found myself gravitating towards the beer store. Every chance i had to sneak out i would.

I started drinking when i was 19. And for a long time id start drinking from the time i got home from work to the time id go to bed. I often had a beer on the way to work as well. I made sure i had a beer packed for the ride home as well.

I finally made the choice to go to rehab when i was drinking 12 beers a day for 2 or 3 months straight. It was a 30 day program. I stayed for 8 days but learned quite a bit in 8 days. My main lesson was im glad i caught it early. Some people drank a handle of vodka a day. I remember i told one girl i drank 12 beers a day and she said,“thats it?!” " i drink a whole bottle! "

It was really straining my relationship with my dad. Plus i was always sleeping. Trying to get rid of the drunken nervous feeling. Now i just have really bad anxiety since i quit.


Good for you
More power to you


When I went to AA I thought alcohol was worth dying for. Literally. Actually. But I got lucky with AA and they helped. Now I’m sober, coming up to 9 years.

The one thing I’ve learned is you can’t quit on your own, you need to get the help of others. You have to outnumber alcohol.

I’m glad your taking steps.


It was amazing to see the same people every night at the liquor store buy a liter of the hard stuff and repeat that for years.

I would see some people multiple times a day sometimes. Well, I was 19 and I thought to myself that will never be me. Addiction was not what I thought it was. But I understand it well now.

My dad had 4 DWI convictions and that bought him five months in jail. That could easily be me. Driving to get that second pack of beer could have gotten me arrested more than once. You feel you are driving well but you are not doing as well as you think.


That is so great to hear.

Good work.



Congratulations @everhopeful