Ahead of the game of delusion now

I have had a lucid enough moment after I’ve given up drinking except in social situations that my meds have finally got me stable again…for those that drink a lot on meds, it’s not a good idea…I almost lost my girlfriend for breaking up with her 3 times in two weeks…every time later I realized I didn’t want to lose her at all, and she would come back…luckily I realized that we had been drinking alcohol a lot during this “break up” period…cut out the alcohol and BAM instant stabilization…I drank a lot in my first marriage too, and I see the same problem back then. It’s so simple yet so unbelievable to me that I realized finally the drinking was affecting me…I plan on still smoking a joint once in a while, but that doesn’t make me unstable at all…and it’s better than drinking…anyways, for me it doesn’t…probably get slapped for that on here from someone.? Just being honest. Anyways, I feel much better as a stable person.


I have a problem with alcohol. I’ve been drinking 13 beers once a week. I used to drink a lot more. Alcohol doesn’t just destabilize me, it makes me dumber. Before they put me on Haldol decoate I would drink 30 or 35 beers in a single day. Haldol decoate totally changed my body chemistry in regard to alcohol. Now the most I can drink is 13 or 14. It varies from day to day. I have been off the decoate shot for many years, but I still can’t drink as much as I used to, thank God.

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Good for you for realizing the effects alcohol was having on you and your relationship. Thank goodness that you have a patient and understanding girlfriend!

Try your best to control your intake and keep your relationship healthy.



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:thumbsup: :smile: I am SO glad you and your girlfriend got to this stable ground and you didn’t loose someone who loves you. I am so glad you reached this point. It’s a hard realization, but I’m glad you got there.

Congratulations on keeping your relationship and making that connection.

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