Again this season - roaches

So I spotted a roach in my kitchen.
Not first time this year.

I don’t hate them but I don’t like them.

You find any roaches in your house?
How do you get rid of them?

I don’t really like spraying on them to kill them.
Hitting them with rolled-up paper is better, but not a good way either.

There are plenty of natural repellants, just have to find them and mix them up.

There are natural repellants for everything here, they sense it and then go the other way.

Seriously though, who the ■■■■ makes roaches anyway, and dinosaurs, cows, chickens, people, who the ■■■■ makes that?!

when I lived in my auto, there are roaches and when I cooked some eggs these roaches came to see what was for breakfast. Here in Finland we have no roaches, too cool for them. Actually it was quite ■■■■ living in my automobile over two years with all insects.

So does this work?

Here poisonous cockroach bait.
It says it contains soy, bread crumbs, onion, etc. as well.

I’m pretty bad at catching up with new information.
When other people are forgetting something, I finally discover them.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha, da da da da da da da…

I would run across a room just to flatten one of those bugs under my shoe. Fortunately, they are only out in the garage.
If you got something for them to eat, they will show up.

Saddest thing I ever saw was a baby cockroach dead in the bottom of a tub of sealed candy bags-he starved to death!


Oh was that gosh darn cute, Nick.
Do you know why mexicans wear pointy toed boots?
To get the cucarachas in the corners!

I used to have roaches in my apartment. They went away when my neighbors moved. Roaches suck.