Afternoon dream

Fell asleep and dreamt i was at a group for the mentally ill. Some of the people looked really ill. We were all eating sandwiches filled with ice cream and black cherries.

I don’t know about the sandwiches but I love waffle with syrup and ice cream

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Haven’t had that for many years.

My dreams are becoming more vivid, I think its the new med causing this

Are they good or bad dreams?

That is a sign there will be budget cuts at your drop in center. No more fruit and ice cream for you guys anymore. :icecream: :ice_cream: :apple: :green_apple:

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All the drop ins went 4 years ago. The short term ‘get better or else’ mentality dominates.

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Some are good, some, like last nights was a nightmare it was gory. I woke up this morning and remembered parts of it.
It had to do with some kind of war or battle and it involved a lot of blood :skull:

If I nap in the day my dreams are fine. They even almost make sense. Some are nice, some are odd.

At night it’s a different story.

If I’m stressed, I will sleep walk. I’ve also had a few glitches that involve me running out of the house with my sister keeping her safe too. She takes it well.

The one about the fire… She just calls it the fire drill. I hate it, because my burn scars act up right after. She won’t admit it, but her burn scars act up too. I’ve had this glitch where I wake in pure blind panic, get my sis, run out of the house, beat out the flames, turn the hose on us.

She keeps me from calling the fire department for a hallucinatory fire. She will run cold water on her feet and legs where the skin graft scars are.

that made me hungry, i think that sandwich sounds kind of nice !
take care

Dreaming about illnesses can often mean you are in recovery from them. I have a book about dreams. Just sharing what I see in your dream. As for eating ice cream and black cherry filled sandwiches…I dunno. I dream about food if I don’t eat enough but I forgot what my book said about dreaming about food…or if it even mentioned it.


To see cherries in your dream symbolize honesty and truthfulness or sweetness and good fortune. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that “life is like a bowl of cherries”. In other words, don’t take life so seriously; take it easy.

To see a cherry tree in your dream represents luck, spring, femininity, and youth. :cherries: