Sasquatch dreams and candy kisses (how are y’all this morning?)

Had a dream about Sasquatch last night👀

Man, I could sleep forever. Asleep at 8:30 last night and the only reason I got up at 7 this morning is because of my alarm to prep food for my husband to take to work. I am so lazy. I hate it. I can barely handle prepping food for him >_<

How are y’all this morning??


Could you prep the food before you go to bed, and stick it in the fridge?

I’m splendid, heading home from work. Had a very lazy day, haha. Management gave us icecream because of the heat :smiley:
I’m lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t stop me!

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Hey Human!

I’m out of yesterday’s seroquel stupor. Doing pretty good. No real big plans for today. Just laying around with Jimmy.

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Good idea… guess I could prep some of it the night before🤔

What kind of job do you have? if you don’t mind me asking of coarse…

Sounds like good management!

Hey Monte🙂

How you been doing?!

Awww hope Jimmy boy is well

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Hey! :slight_smile:

I’m doing better today. This doughnut blend coffee I’ve been drinking is pretty strong.

Yeah Jimmy is well. He’s been getting lots of love today. :blush:

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Doughnut blend coffee?:open_mouth:
I need some strong coffee…

Glad you’ve been feeling better

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I do order handling for a company that provides card terminals to businesses :slight_smile:
It’s most data entry and making sure prices and subscriptions are right, and such.

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Ohh okay! Cool cool😎

Im fine, changed my meds, stopped Olanzapine and increased my dose of abilify insted to 15 mg. Less tired today.

I had the strangest dream. I stood at a lake somewhere, and kept repeating:

“It’s a neurotypical lake” then a flicker of things, then i stood at the lake once again and said “i’ts a neurotypical lake” etc.

I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head. Nonsense.

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Oh nice!! Hope the increase in abilify continues to work for you! I’m also on 15mg abilify.

Haha, dreams are weirddd


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I wouldn’t call growing an actual person inside you lazy, cut yourself some slack. I’m fine I guess. Little bored over here. Trying to think up things to do instead of online shopping.

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Yeah, idk, so many women go to work while pregnant and all I have to do is prep my husbands food… so I don’t think it’s just the pregnancy as to why I’m lazy🙃

Hah, oh no! What are you online shopping for?


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nothing really, I just like to window shop.

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I slept till 11am. I need new shoes so I’m going shoe shopping. Hope y’all have a good day :relaxed:

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