After your SZ diagnosis did your depression get cured fully overtime?

I feel for you my friend

Celexa treats my depression

Not too sure

All I know is that my quality of life has got worse and everyone from mental health services shrugs it off

I’m not sure if it’s possible for you, but can you go to a different place for your mental health care?

Not a chance of that unless I move

Naaa, I just better understood why I wanted darkness.

I have to take Wellbutrin for depression so I’d say not.

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Oh man Wellbutrin messed me up.

I remember being naked, chasing the invisible bunny’s in my backyard that I needed to nuke the sun to save souls.

I’m happy it helps you. Lol


Man, I’m jealous. Apparently I got the budget version - yours sounds waaaaay more interesting.


I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a fun experience at first. It got me heady, and as I built up my Rx to therapeutic levels, my dopamine went nuts.

Just ended badly. In the ER They had to cath me due to urine retention, and gave me a shot of whatever.

It was an adventure.


Okay, you lost me at “cath.”

Ow ow ow ow OW. And also GROSS.

I am so sorry.


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No my depression stayed and I needed more and more meds for it but I found a good AD for me - mirtazapine

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I tried welbutrin but it didnt do anything. Not allowed to take ssri because of mania issues.

I find my depression/negs can improve if I accomplish something. Whether I feel good about the activity or not is irrelevant. But the act of doing the activity or task seems to help.

I get most frustrated when I am unable to begin a task or activity.


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