After your SZ diagnosis did your depression get cured fully overtime?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I can’t say for sure

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I was never diagnosed with depression but was suicidal during prodromal and first psychosis. Not suicidal anymore since being on APs.

I was suicidal because voices told me to prove them that I am God so immortal.

I hope you are doing well… Do you feel that your emotions are not fluid enough… that your emotions are being restricted?

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Yea since sz I rarely have positive emotions and when I have them, they are weak not strong. On low dose meds or off meds I often get angry and have anger issues.

I think its the anhedonia.

Yeah I think this is a common sign of depression…

I hope you come out of your depression my friend… all the best to you.

My drs think its not depression but sz negative symptoms.

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My psychiatrist says negative symptoms and depression are a part of each other.

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They share some similar symptoms but negative symptoms cannot be treated with depression treatments like ADs, there is no treatment. My last pdoc told me my negative symptoms are caused by low dopamine in some brain parts and my positive symptoms are caused by high dopamine in other brain parts. Afaik depression is caused by an imbalance of serotonin.

Depression is generaly much easier to treat than sz negative symptoms. They have a different brain mechanism.

One of the psychiatrists that I have talked with said…

The root of Negative symptoms and depression lies with the condition of our emotions. During our psychotic episodes we get to fully express our emotions whether it is anger frustration or hysteria … we get to fully express them but when all of this gets out of hands then we get admitted into psyche wards and get treated with meds and our body-mind is in shock that our emotions are now being restricted through meds…

So this shock and restrictions of emotions causes fear in us and also rejection of normal world out of despair… which can lead to negative symptoms and depression …

So I think we just need to find a way to balance this and release the pent up emotions from it’s prison by managing our body-mind chemistry …

This can be done through medicine and proper food habits is what one of the pdocs said…

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They toyed with the idea I was depressed, but now they blame negative symptoms and say they can’t treat it with anything at all

So I have to ‘buck up’, or rot in my own misery

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But this doesn’t happen to everyone on meds.

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My emotions were already restricted before being on meds.

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There is primary and secondary negative symptoms.
Primary are caused by sz and secondary are caused by meds although not everyone experience these. Some are high functioning.

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I became severely depressed since the first episode and after 8 years of sz the depression hasnt gone anywhere…

My depression has improved since I’m on Wellbutrin. Not completely gone though.

I don’t know but in my case this felt very true…

Maybe all of our paths to becoming schizophrenic are different afterall… and hence different reactions within our bodies and minds

Do you feel that your emotions are being restricted and curtailed as well ?