After tulips withered, I got beautiful roses

I like flowers, many men do not like, but I suppose everybody has their enjoyment.


I’m a gardner…

I do enjoy flowers. :hibiscus: :rose: :cherry_blossom: :blossom: flowers attract the bees… the bee’s pollinate the food.

“I can’t imagine any civilized man or woman to hold no value for the tranquility or serenity of the garden”- Rouseau


Are those pictures from Keukenhof?
I had a giant tree from there named Samuel that wanted to come to america with me, but he was too big to fit on the plane.

@mjseu, those roses are beautiful! Bet they smell as good as they look.

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I buy seedling trees to take on the plane.

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Happy is he who has the power to gather wisdom from a flower.


i love nature in all it’s forms, one of my favorite gardens is ’ la louvre ’ in provence, france.
it is more of a green terraced garden but a great place for contemplation.(. not that i have been there but i go there in my head ! )
take care

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Google keukenhof, bee-au-yooood-ee-full.


My Dad was a tough little guy who could scare people with his temper when he wasn’t even trying too. But he loved wildflowers. I didn’t know that about him until I became an adult. We would be on a long drive through fields and brush and he would be pointing out different wildflowers and telling me their names. I have several geranium plants on my porch. White, red, and dark red.

Yesterday, my roses were beautiful, but today these seem to be dying as happened to my tulips, I have tried to revive these with the guidance from kidsister, but the future will show what happens. Maybe the energies of the God make these to blossom again.

My roses died, only one is left …