After a year in the dark, trying to get back in the saddle

I have not studied properly for almost a year.
Now I am trying to get back to my studies.
Today I studied from a textbook and made notes.
After a long time that I didn’t study, a really long time.
I also exercised several hours as I try to do every day.
Give me luck!


What subject are you studying @Erez_Shmerling?

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Good luck @Erez_Shmerling!! You can do it!


mathematics is a very good field with many applications, especially in computer science. I studied mathematics in college.

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Good for you! I tried studying mathematics in a community college once. I really enjoyed it. I had to quit though, for a couple of reasons: I was too anxious during the quizzes and the anxiety affected my grades. I had to get at least a B on the quizzes and all I could attain on the quizzes, due to my anxiety, was C’s. Another reason was my son started a job and he needed the family car to work. (We shared a car).

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