Afraid Mommy Dearest Might Hurt Or Kill Me

She said “Do you know what happened in the old days”? If a child did not turn out properly the parents had the right to get a rifle and shoot them in the woods. She looked murderous so I grabbed my coat and left.

Sometimes it is the best solution to move away from people who might want to hurt you. Find your own freedom and happiness as I did in 2000.

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Parents say the darndest things. Did she cool off or stay angry?

She had the nerve to call me saying she is embarrassed that she has a loser daughter .

you are not a loser , you are strong , brave and intelligent and kind.
i think we have the same mother ! i am so sorry you have to put up with that rubbish.
you have to distance yourself from people like that they are poisonous.
know that some one cares.
take care

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I second what @darksith said. You are not a loser.

By saying these things, she’s behaving like the true loser.

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