Advice appreciated - 'looking after' my sister for a few days

My sister is staying - husband isn’t happy about it. She delusionally thinks he is a terrible person and makes snarky comments which actually really hurt.
I get it in the neck every time she says anything to him. or at least he is vocal about it to me.
She is suicidal, alcoholic, depressed, bulimic, and never has a good word about anything. My husband is on nights and needs to sleep - I don’t know how it will go with her in the house but she says she will be quiet. he is in a safety critical job.

my mum who is 79 has had her living with her for 10 years - suicidal rage full alcoholic all that time.

I’m not going to cope all that well with this I know.


she actually wants to stay a really long time xx i don’t know how long for… it will probably all go to hell at some point

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