Adjusting to schizophrenia! Disorder or not?

First of all hello! :slight_smile:
On recovery and health! I’ve come to a lot of issues dealing with Sz especially adjusting too is one of the biggest problems I have because it changes so drastically at times especially the telepathy and especially being as a receptive as Iam. Theres so much noise going on at times its hard to hear god through it all, but god has his ways for us all. I suppose if you can learn to listen to the wind you can truly learn to listen.

Anyways on with the wind I mean adjustments! :slight_smile: So the question is how do you adjust? A general once said “one who adapts the fastest is a genius in the battlefield”, and I’m still adapting!..

Have a good one!

I don’t think I can adapt to this illness. Each time I hit a low I just wait out the storm. For me this illness comes and goes. It’s a roller coaster ride. Sometimes I really feel so good and then again in no time I feel like ■■■■. I read somewhere that sz is a thought disorder and that sort of make sense with delusions and paranoia and stuff.

Yeah! I hear ya there! Fo sho! My thinking isn’t really that bad its just really foggy! Its not disorganized. I could use some work with my grammar and punctuation but its not bad! For I just don’t have the drive on topics of discussion at times, but intuitively I know enough. It’s the vicious cycles of worry and if the more I try the more it tends to get worse so I don’t. Or like you say ride it out or roll with the punches.

The only thing truly that I struggle with is the stress reaction part of it and the feeling of combat syndrome it feels like because its a constant battle, and after a while you feel lethargic, sluggish, tired all the time, but in my case I feel like that physically not mentally or emotionally.

Honestly I have a Hard Hard time believing in Sz, because of what the government releases online to the general public about silent wars. I just cant get my head around it at times, because in my head I could be thinking about some sick F!@#$%$%^%^ on a computer in the background like cabin in the woods making my life a nightmare with feigned Sz. Which is completely subdued and its completely irregular and unconventional. They suppress you to the point of giving in or the will to fight, and because of my schooling all I think about at times is rooting computers and slowing them down because that’s part of warfare as well because speed is the biggest thing they got! Do I follow through on it? no! because one I don’t want to get into deep dog doo doo

And if you want to check it out the website is its a library the DOD releases to the public on there defense technical information! Use your imagination if you will and you will find what you need. I’m just sick of playing both fields. The dualism, the scapegoating and toxic that’s destroying this democracy we live in. The public opinion that drowns out your own voice on topics like this that are sad and have to be put online as a mental health problem! because of the conspiracy that is involved just like this sites. Its completely for research and for a good cause and they can study a open forum on people with our disabilities.

The fact that I know that I’m a psychic that’s covered up with Sz by government technology or in other words psychotronics, because all of its kept secret from the general public. Because if you go into some of these websites like the one above and you really think about what there putting out on the web. Its like subliminal slap in the face! Because some of these psychics watch over people in the general public as part of dualism in a silent war and there targeted for it! but they’ll deny it a 100% because of the conspiracy and deep rooted secrecy involved!

Like I said some of this could be delusional as well but I don’t feel that way at all. I feel theres a very deep wound that’s being poked everyday and it probably will never heal, but theres hope in uncertainty! right? theres a very deep connection in all of this! I’ve gotten to the point with my own problems with just name calling and keeping it simple.

the other thing too is thinking outside the box. Meaning the US! and our world and foreign countries about some of the technology you might read about if you choose to do. hope it helps in understanding some of this irregular connected Sz we all have!

Have a good one!